When we think about our jobs, we often think about the nature of the field we’re in, how well it fits with our interests and education, and the purpose we want the work to serve. The degree to which a job fits with those priorities can determine whether we’re happy at work or not.

But on a less-conscious level, career choices are also influenced by the way we like to work—that is, what we actually “do” on the job. How much human interaction in a day do you need? What kind of decisions are you comfortable making? Can you tolerate all day at a desk, or are you drawn to the outdoors? In some cases, a job is compelling enough that we’re willing to step out of comfort zones to do it; in others, we only thrive in roles that suit our personal style.

Quartz combed through the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ incredibly detailed data on the type of mental and physical labor that goes into hundreds of the most common jobs. Take our quiz to see what job best fits your work preferences. If your answer is markedly different from the job you actually do, read on to see how we arrived at your result. You might be surprised to find just how far you’re going outside your comfort zone for work that you enjoy. (Or not!)

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