Climate change is a looming worry in cities around the world, but Asia is particularly vulnerable. It is home to the biggest populations at risk of flooding.

A study, published in 2012 (paywall), found that 19 of the 25 cities with the largest populations at risk of a storm surge following a 1m sea-level rise are in the Asia/Pacific region; seven of them are in the Philippines alone.

Residents aren't shying away. The populations of coastal urban areas are projected to grow significantly faster than the countries’ overall populations.

In 2000, 403 million people lived in the low-lying coastal regions of these countries, representing 13.2% of the population studied.

By 2060, that figure is projected to grow to 875 million people, 17.5% of the population.

On the low end are China, India, and Pakistan, with 17%, 10%, and 8%, respectively, expected to live in low-lying areas by 2060. For China and India, that's still 245 million and 216 million people at risk.

On the high end, 65% of Vietnam's population is expected to live in areas at risk of flooding.